Atlantis ~ Vegan shoes by Olsenhaus

I discovered New York-based Olsenhaus when searching for stylish vegan shoes in LA a couple of years ago. They really stood out in terms of style and quality, and the more I discovered about the company the more hooked – ok, obsessed – I became. Even now, ethical practice within the shoe industry at large is basically unheard of, and Elizabeth Olsen is doing what she can to change that.

Environmental and welfare concerns aside, I never get so many comments on any shoes as I do when I wear Olsenhaus. The pair pictured below, Atlantis in Bronze, has taken me from evenings out to premieres, and were even worn in a film role because the stylist decided they were nicer than any of the selection they had in the costume department.

Atlantis heels by Olsenhaus

Atlantis heels by Olsenhaus

Dress by Marc Jacobs/Vegan shoes by Olsenhaus

Photography:Andrew Raszevski/Hair&makeup:Kim Tavares/Styling:Philip Boon

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