Mhoo Mhoo – keeping it classic, simple and local

Sitting in the makeup chair and not needing to be conscious of lines or performance nuances always feels like a sort of fun day of getting to dress up and hang out; and for the last two years I’ve done campaigns for artisan brand Mhoo Mhoo, which are just a joy to shoot. Run by very sweet & talented mother and daughter team Helen and Alice Scotts, Mhoo Mhoo creations are completely timeless – there are pieces in each collection that any generation could wear, while still looking utterly appropriate and on the cutting edge of style.

The big kicker for me is that they keep absolutely everything local using skilled seamstresses – nothing is surreptitiously “Designed in (Insert your country here), Made in China” that you find everywhere these days.

The simplicity of the pieces are a revelation when you have them on too – I’m reminded each time we shoot that it’s so much better to let high quality, natural materials and beautiful cutting do the talking in your wardrobe rather than having enormous patterns splashed everywhere or looking like you’ve been attacked by frills.

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