A Renewed Foundation..


Having used the previous Dr Hauschka Translucent Make-up as my everyday basic staple for years, I was extremely interested to hear about the development of Dr Hauschka’s new Foundation.

Being literally the only makeup on the market that I could wear on a daily basis while still having completely happy skin, the old Translucent Make-up was, as its name implied, beautifully translucent and also beautifully able to blend seamlessly into the skin. This did however mean that it was a lighter coverage foundation by nature, and not designed for situations when really serious coverage was required – hence it was a great everyday staple but not so suitable as a ‘heavy-duty’ product for when one needed that bit more.

I found the 02 Almond in the new Foundation to be a spot-on perfect skin match which was a nice surprise – similar to the 01 Sand in the Translucent Make-up, but just that teensy bit brighter and more illuminating which gives a lovely glow to the skin. Having now used it every day for a month, it surprisingly works equally well when I am with or without a spray tan, so it obviously still does incorporate some of the the translucent qualities that made the previous version so versatile.

The scent is quite different – wonderfully reminiscent of the Almond Soothing products, which are naturally sweet without being overpowering or cloying. The formula though, is absolutely the main difference, and I found it needed working with quite differently as well.  It is faster drying, which actually turns out to be the secret to having almost unbelievably good coverage for a completely natural foundation – because once in place, it stays there perfectly all day, and doesn’t move or crease. Unlike the Translucent Make-up which I tended to apply with fingers before blending, the new foundation applies perfectly with a slightly damp sponge or a brush, concentrating on each section of the face separately. And as someone who always somehow leaves make-up til the last possible minute, I can say that this actually takes less time than my previous lazy person’s ‘all over slather’ method because it applies so perfectly to the skin. It’s great with or without the Translucent Powder (for the record, also the only face powder that doesn’t freak my skin out), depending on your needs & the season. Either way, the coverage ends up being Goldilocks perfect – not too much, not too little, but just right.

I initially thought it might be drying, as it drys so quickly & stays in place – not a bit. Skin looks calm and happy when it comes off at night, just as it did with the Translucent Make-up. Interestingly, it contains some coconut oil which the previous formula didn’t, but my famously temperamental skin hasn’t minded this at all. For 30 days. So that’s saying something!

Verdict? From my hypersensitive face to yours, a worthy successor to the old formula and a new favorite for calm, happy skin. ♥


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