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Spectacular Comeback

So, given that my fangirl status of the Dr Hauschka Eyeshadow Trio, in its original incarnation as the Dear Eyes Palette was no secret the first time round, I was eagerly looking forward to experiencing its magic once again as part of the aptly named Spectacular Comeback limited edition range. Very rarely, if ever, do I hit pan on an eyeshadow palette, but it happened with this one as the colours are just so wearable. I found myself reaching for it for daytime looks, nighttime looks, bleary-eyed morning applications and everything in between. The lightest shade, a flattering pearly champagne colour, is also brilliant for quickly neutralising occasional over-enthusiastic dark shadow application (yes, that would be me), and at the same time gives a lovely classy sheen while remaining defiantly non-sparkly.

I was also pretty darn excited be reunited with the Rouge Powder duo which I remembered dearly loving all the way back in 2009, and have in the years since thought wistfully about. The two matte pinks are perfect pretty neutrals, used together or separately they’re simple, easy and go with absolutely everything. Literally, I’m not kidding – I haven’t yet found an eye/lip they don’t match.

So being old friends with those two products, I have to say the Balancing Teint Powder was quite a revelation. I really didn’t know what to expect with this powder compact and did not suspect that it would immediately replace my usual translucent day powder – I am not sure what magical colour theory was incorporated into the three matte tones of latte, palest pink and light cream, but one or two quick sweeps is all it takes for non-chalky, non-yellow, perfect balanced skin all day. It seems to cover red and look good on camera too, which is a huge plus for my requirements. Did I mention it’s not chalky? Worth repeating…. it’s not.

Having mostly banned black from my face fairly recently, (and having annoyed more than one black-eyeliner-brandishing makeup artist for refusing point blank have it applied), I was surprised and delighted to find that the Kajal Eyeliner in Taupe was really an answered prayer. I can now do my own eyeliner in a beautiful, soft, neutral greyed brown without looking like a raccoon! The pencil is super soft and blends beautifully with its included smudge brush, and importantly stays on and in place once applied, until time for removal when it comes off easily, without the need for excessive eye rubbing in the process.

Having been scared off the more subdued lip shades of late due to one too many unflattering browns, I have to admit I’ve been shying away from any lip colour that’s not a peach or a pink. This made the Lipstick Novum 08 in Maple Glow a definite pleasant surprise. It’s a creamy matte in a sort of antique-rose-cool-berry-latte, if that makes sense! It reminded me that less bright shades can be incredibly pretty, while giving a natural yet pulled together, confident look. Despite being matte, it’s extremely moisturising – I was very surprised not to need a gloss on top, but this formula is perfectly comfortable by itself.

I adore that all of these products smell faintly of rose, that the workmanship is second to none and most importantly they’re completely natural. My hypersensitive skin appreciates this and I can physically feel the difference a few hours in – chemical makeup begins to sting, itch and generally wants to be taken off, whereas these products seem to meld and form a second, undetectable and comfortable skin. Spectacularly subtle and comfortably natural – this makeup enhances natural beauty so the real you can be seen, and not just your makeup!

~ Makeup & photography by Jesus Garcia ~

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