Introducing.. the Weekly Makeup Roundup

As you may have heard, in this, the fiftieth year of the of the unique skincare company founded by Dr Rudolf Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund in 1967, a new baby has been birthed into the world – in the form of a remarkable and far-reaching updated Dr Hauschka Make-up collection.

To me it feels like a real revolution, the quality and variety alone being more than capable of helping the makeup industry to reach that vital tipping point – down the rabbit hole and into a new world where truly natural, eco conscious and organic products become the available norm rather than the exception, and where ethical companies who do not use unpronounceable chemicals and who don’t fudge the truth with their claims, methods & callous business practices become commonplace again. It feels to me as if a future is now possible where the dollar is not almighty, but where people and the environment can instead take their proper place at center stage.

Week by week, I’ll walk my way through each updated category and give you my thoughts on the the unique quality and usability of the many thoughtful additions to the collection – having been using many of them for some weeks now, I knew immediately that a single review simply would not suffice!

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