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First up is the most exciting and accessible part of any makeup look – the lips. I love that, although eye shades and cheek shades are great to play with and can say various things,  we can change our mood and appearance immediately and drastically with a simple change of lip colour.

It was sometime this year I noticed that my body’s tolerance for chemical lipsticks had reached breaking point. I don’t wear mainstream chemical-based brands in my daily life, but it is often impossible to specify which products are to be used by makeup artists. After wearing a leading department store brand of lipstick on set for an hour or so, I noticed that my lips started drying, cracking and peeling badly – it was very strange that it happened so quickly when they were in perfect condition that morning, and it was not a pretty sight to behold. I thought it might be another unexplained, mysterious factor, but a couple of weeks later it happened again, this time on a photoshoot. The skin on my lips started cracking through the lipstick and the makeup artist was quite distressed when I then had to peel skin off my lips before dabbing the resulting bleeding to make them look semi-presentable for the pictures!

At this point I knew something was really up and with further research and testing, I realised the likelihood is a form of petroleum allergy. There are so many ingredients and chemicals that go into most lipstick brands that we really know nothing about, and considering that we are going to be ingesting a certain amount of it on a daily basis, apart from what is absorbed through the skin, it more than pays to know what our lips products are made up of.

I think the miracle of Dr Hauschka makeup is that each product is entirely natural & therefore is actually a treatment in itself, further supporting the skin instead of working against it which is the end effect of all chemical-based product use.

The new range is built around 6 shades – rose, pink, berry, apricot, red and brown. Within each of these schemes is a light, medium and dark shade, and with the six Sheer Lipsticks complementing these with shimmer and the to-die-for Lip Glosses adding a finishing touch, I seriously doubt there’s a pair of lips on the planet that won’t find its perfect match.

I’ve loved the previous Dr Hauschka Lipstick formulation for years now and the updated versions are as ever creamy and nourishing, while also packing a punch with thrillingly intense, semi matte colour payoff and fabulous lasting power.

There are also six complementary Dr Hauschka Lip Liners to match each scheme and the gorgeous shades I’ve been using, Red Heart and Cumaru, somehow manage to be incredibly moisturising while also lining well and lastingly. This is extremely rare with liners I find – they’re either long lasting or smooth and comfortable to apply, but hardly ever both. The liners are exquisite to use and feel perfect on the lips by themselves, with just a little gloss on top to finish.

I was always transported by the heavenly scent and feel of Dr Hauschka lip glosses – I could smell them all day! – and now with six jewel shades to match the six colour worlds, I’m really in the gloss afterlife. Luscious and gentle on the lips, they’re completely beautiful by themselves or over either the lip liner, lipstick or both. My current passion is for the Red Heart lip liner with the Goji gloss over the top, for a beautiful shining red lip look that I plan to sport on Christmas Day!

The biggest treat of all is that as every Dr Hauschka lip product is really a lip treatment in itself, my lips remain totally intact, moisturised and happy while wearing them all day, every day. And now with the new range including world upon world of colour options, there really is no longer a need to subject one’s lips to daily unknown chemical onslaughts ever again.

If you’re not able to sample the various lip colours (hours of in-store fun!) or are not sure which might suit you best, these articles by the lovelies at Dr Hauschka Australia are incredibly useful as an introduction and guide:

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