Virginia Bowers



Advocate of ethical and ecologically aware production in the skincare, cosmetics and fashion industries

Dr Hauschka Skin Care Ambassador


Born in Australia’s capital city of Canberra and spending childhood winters skiing in the Snowy Mountains, Virginia grew up fascinated by nature and storytelling. A bookworm from an early age, she had read upwards of 1000 books by the age of 11, and as soon as she hit her teens this obsession turned to the storytelling of the theater.

She became passionate about theater in high school, her favorite role being Titania in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  Then, unexpectedly, she was scouted as a model at the age of 15 while shopping in a local store. After graduating just after her 17th birthday and while still in her teens, she modeled throughout Asia and in the UK, before heading home to attend drama school in Melbourne, Australia. As she says of modeling, “It completely opened up the world for me. It gave me enormous independence at a very young age, but it was stifling; and the perfection required was frequently terrifying. I needed to express what was inside.”

After appearing in numerous Australian film and TV productions, she now lives in Los Angeles and on American screens can be seen as the lost love of King Louis XIV (Pierce Brosnan) in ‘The King’s Daughter’, and in PixL’s ‘Can’t Buy My Love’, amongst others.

She blogs about her passion for natural health & all things close to the earth, and has been a Skin Care and Cosmetics Ambassador for Dr Hauschka Skin Care for several years.




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